Expert training for your billing staff

This course has everything you need to train your in-house or virtual billing staff to handle your insurance billing. Are you ready for more efficiency and more profitability?

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Ready to save some money & time?

You can save money by bringing your billing in-house & save time on training!

Our step-by-step training will help your biller:

  • Verify benefits
  • Submit claims
  • Understand the ins-and-outs of insurance
  • Assist with credentialing & contracting
  • Handle denials, rejections & appeals 
  • And so much more!

Your billing staff serves a critical role in your practice. You need them to work with accuracy and  efficiency. To keep the money flowing! 💰

But you're super busy and don't have the time to train them on everything.

Billing Assistant Pro can save you a ton of time.

Take a look at the included benefits below:

Expert Training

Everything your admin needs to know about insurance billing from start to finish. Whether they are just learning or already experienced. It's a step-by-step success path to more efficiency and profitability.

Time Saving Templates

We've included tons of time saving templates, example documents and basically all the necessary resources they need to get the job done! Did we mention this will save your biller time AND save you a ton of time.

Access to Private FB Group

Give your billing staff access to a private Facebook group focused on the topics of insurance billing and credentialing. They can get answers to their most important questions & learn more from other therapists & billers.

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meet the experts

I teamed up with Kym Tolson from Bill Like A Boss to bring you the best possible training for your insurance billing staff. She has years of experience handling her own billing, coaching therapists and training insurance billing staff. 

kym tolson

Bill Like a Boss

uriah guilford

Productive Therapist

Being a mental health insurance biller
is a tough job.

There's just so much to know. So much to keep up with.

Having a fully trained and competent insurance biller is a huge asset.

You can save so much money by hiring and training your own biller, instead of using an insurance billing company.

What if you could easily train your admin to handle all the day-to-day details of your insurance billing?

That's what Billing Assistant Pro is designed to do.

It will give your billing staff unparalleled training in all the tricky, sticky, fiddly issues that regularly come up while handling insurance claims.

If this is sounding amazing, keep scrolling and unlock access to the course today.

Ready to get the best billing training available?

What's included:

  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Expert Training + Templates
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Take a peek below at the comprehensive list of lessons included in the course!

Address Changes & Virtual Adresses

Frequently Asked Questions

All Templates, Documents & Updates

Phew! You made it to the bottom. 😂

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Payment Plan Available

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