Why are Virtual Assistants so Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why virtual assistants are so expensive?

It’s actually a really good question.

I mean what could possibly make a VA so valuable that they should get paid $30-60 per hour of work!?

Depending on where you live in the country, you can probably find a decent administrative assistant for somewhere between $10-20 per hour.

It’s a tough decision for sure.

I want to lay out a number of benefits that come with working with a mental health specific virtual assistant business like TPT.

Let’s jump right in.

1. You save a ton of time on recruiting and hiring

If you have done any hiring at all you know that this is a huge time vortex. Talk about taking a hit to your productivity and sanity! It can also be quite expensive if you hire the wrong person, have to let them go and start all over again.

Hiring a VA company bypasses this entire step and it can make a huge difference for you.

2. You save a ton of time on training

With a company like TPT, you get a qualified, trained mental health virtual assistant. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours providing 1:1 training on everything related to counseling and mental health.

They already understand the unique needs of private practice owners, clients in crisis and all things HIPAA. You can breathe a sigh of relief. You do have to provide some specific training, but it is much, much easier.

3. You save a ton of money

Think about it. With an in-office assistant you have to pay them for every hour they are at work and you know that is likely not efficient. We call that “butt in seat” time!

There is not always busy work to do and you have to keep looking for things to occupy their time. It’s not terribly efficient and at the end of the day they can cost more than their hourly pay rate.

Note: Most VAs will be paid as a 1099 contractor, which means you don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, worker’s comp insurance or any other employee related costs. 

With a VA you only pay for the time they spend on your tasks. They work when there is work to do. They track time by the minute and keep detailed notes. This also helps with accountability and oversight.

So much more efficient and cost effective!

4. You get more coverage for your practice

Every team member will get sick, go on vacation and have emergencies that are unplanned. That’s just life.

With a good VA company there is a team behind your dedicated person. There are also systems to provide backup for your practice during these types of events.

This gives you peace of mind without costing you any extra dollars.

5. You get to fast-track your business & systems growth

This is a big one. Working with an established VA company like TPT can move you forward faster.

Not only because you are delegating tasks and freeing up your time, although that helps a lot. You also get to take advantage of our knowledge and experience with all types of best practices.

We can help you create or improve many of your business systems, from streamlining your intake process, to tracking all your key metrics to learning how to use your EHR more efficiently.

6. You also get support in dealing with challenges

With in-office assistants it is 100% up to you to monitor their productivity, evaluate their work and provide correction and discipline as needed. Not so much fun.

With TPT you have an account manager to help you solve any issues that arise. You will feel supported because you are not alone in handling the normal, but potentially stressful issues that can come up.

All of these benefits add up to saving time, saving money, reducing your stress and providing peace of mind.

Just think of all the things that could be possible!

At the end of the day, administrative support is a business expense and a vital component of your thriving practice. You can’t grow without it.

Virtual assistants are not cheap, but they can provide incredible value and make your life so much easier.

If you want to know if you are ready for a VA, take our short quiz to find out!

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