Getting Ready for a Virtual Assistant

If you are like most ambitious therapists, you want to do ALL of the following.

  • Work less
  • Make more money
  • Streamline your practice systems
  • Provide better customer service to your clients
  • AND have more time for friends, family and fun

Good news! You can have all of those things. 😁

Starting to build a team with a virtual assistant is a fabulous and important next step.

Read more about the benefits of having a virtual assistant.

You might feel mentally and emotionally ready. However, there are a few things you need to line up to really be successful.

Setting expectations:

First off, you will need to carve out time, energy and mental space to prepare and start up with a VA. Working with TPT makes this easy, but you still have to make yourself available for training and some ongoing oversight.

You will experience a temporary decrease in your productivity, but the payoff comes before long when you get into a good rhythm with your VA.

Letting go of control:

This is the hard part for most of us, myself included! However, what happens if you don’t let go of some control in your business?

Overwhelm and stress could lead to burnout. Your business won’t grow. Even if you have a VA, you won’t really hand off tasks, so you will still be busy and frustrated.

This is definitely not easy, but you can start small and grow that delegating muscle. Working with TPT is a huge help because you can trust our team. We understand private practice owners and we have your back.

How about your current level of organizational mastery??

Here is the good news. You don’t have to be the therapist version of Marie Kondo to work well with a VA!

You likely have more on your plate than you can handle. There is a good chance you are not keeping up with everything and you might be a little disorganized. That’s actually ok.

But, you will struggle with a VA if any of the following are true:

  • Your thoughts and communication tend to be scattered
  • You change your mind often and are not sure what you want
  • You don’t have some basic systems in place to track tasks/projects
  • You trend towards micro-managing (no shame here, the struggle is real)

So, what “systems” do you need to have?

We require all of our clients to have an EHR and a virtual phone system. Those are non-negotiable for a virtual assistant to do their work.

Here are our top picks if you need recommendations.

EHR – SimplePractice, TherapyNotes or Theranest

Phone systems –, or All Call Technologies

Beyond that it is helpful to have any or all of the following in place.

  • A task or project management app – ToDoist, Trello or Asana
  • Documented procedures – call script, local referrals, office directions, etc.
  • An email address for your VA, i.e. [email protected]

I know it seems like a lot to get done. Take a deep breathe, you’ve got this!

As long as you have an EHR, phone system and some time to commit to this next step, we can help with the rest.

What success looks like . . .

Once you get a VA and settle into a good working relationship you will reap the benefits. More time to focus on your clients needs, your business growth and fun stuff in your life (remember vacations without work!).

You will feel like a boss. You don’t have to do this alone anymore. Good things are coming your way!

When you are ready, head on over here to get started with an amazing VA!

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