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Grab your digital copy of The Productive Practice book for only $4.97 and discover the secret sauce
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A personal message from me to you:

Hey there group practice owner,

My name is Uriah Guilford. I'm a fellow group practice owner and the creator of Productive Therapist.

I would love to show you how to build the group practice of your dreams without burning out!

I know you're working super hard to make a difference. Long hours, long days, keeping it all running. You have some big dreams and you are committed to your group practice . . . and . . . the struggle is real. 😭

But, you know what they say, you can't pour from an empty cup.

Growing a group practice that makes a huge impact is amazing, but not at the expense of your own mental health.

That's why I'd like to show you a simple framework for:

  • Helping more clients and making a difference in your community
  • Delegating more effectively to your team, even if you never really considered yourself a "leader" before
  • Building a sustainable group practice that's fulfilling, both personally AND financially
  • And leveraging your time even better, so you can enjoy the results of your hard work

Pump your fist in the air if you want any of these things! 🙌🏻

There's no short cut to overnight success, but there are practical ways to make growing your group practice easier and even fun.  

You deserve to build a thriving group practice and reach your personal goals as well!

Inside The Productive Practice book I will show you the exact system that I used to build a group practice that runs efficiently (mostly) without me.

This book is based on my success as a group practice owner as well as over 5 years of providing virtual assistant services to group practice owners across the US.

The simple strategies I share will help you level up your personal productivity, get your business organized and build an efficient team, with you delegating more and more.

Sounds pretty great, right?

However, it wasn't always so easy for me . . .

In the beginning I was doing absolutely everything in my group practice. I was working super long hours and missing my kids bed time most nights. I was stressed, overwhelmed and felt alone.

Building my therapist and admin support teams has allowed my practice to help so many more clients. It has freed me up to focus on growing the practice while making great money and taking regular vacations. Learning and applying The Productive Practice System has changed everything in my business and my life for the better.

I put all of this good stuff in a short book for you!

I’ll Show You How To Grow Your Group Practice With My Proven 3-Part System

. . . All while working 10 hours less every week and creating a life that you absolutely love!

Pick up your digital copy of The Productive Practice Book for just $4.97 and discover the secret sauce on how to grow your group practice without burning out.

The world needs you and your business to thrive. I'm talking about less stress, less overwhelm and less work. Plus more money, more fulfillment and more time for play. 😁

The 3 Pillars of a Productive Practice

  • Pillar 1

  • Pillar 2

  • pillar 3


Personalized Productivity

If you get a solid handle on your personal productivity, your life and business will thrive. This includes how you manage your time, energy, tasks, projects and more in ways that work uniquely well for you.

What you will learn:

Here's a wonderfully long list of all the things you will learn when you read (or listen to) The Productive Practice book. Seriously, I packed as much awesomeness as possible into this book. No fluff.

Get Started With . . .
  • How to free up 10 hours each week in your schedule
  • How to build your dream group practice without burning out
  • How to find a balance between productivity, organization, and delegation
  • How to reach your professional AND personal goals
  • How to change the world AND love your life
Pillar 1 : Personalized Productivity
  • An easy way to assess your level of personal productivity
  • How to design your dream life and ideal schedule
  • How to conquer email overwhelm and take control of your inbox
  • How to use a time audit to make the best use your time and energy
  • How to create productive habits and routines that work uniquely well for you
Pillar 2 : Pretty Good Organization
  • A simple way to assess your level of business organization
  • How to organize your analog and digital life
  • Easy ways to keep track of your tasks and goals
  • How to get your policies and procedures documented
Pillar 3 : Plenty Of Delegation
  • A quick way to assess your delegation skills
  • Easy ways to figure out what to delegate and whom to delegate to
  • How to design and build your dream team
  • Suggestions for all the things you can delegate in your practice
  • How to quickly find the help you need
  • How to leverage virtual assistants to grow your practice
  • The pros and cons of using virtual assistants in your group practice
  • The 5 steps to successful delegation

Also, you get some pretty epic bonuses

Grab your copy of the book for $4.97 and you'll get three bonuses for no additional cost.

Bonus #1 : The Productive Practice Audiobook

Prefer listening to your books?

Order now and I'll also give you access to the audiobook version of The Productive Practice, read by me. 

Listen to The Productive Practice book on any mobile device or computer.

Bonus #2 : Email Transformation Course

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with your email inbox? Here's some good news. You can conquer email overwhelm and it can be easier than you think.

This mini-course provides practical strategies to help you feel more in control, more productive and more calm.

Bonus #3 : Intake Optimization Training

In this video training, you will learn how to make your intake process simpler and more effective.

You can make a few small changes that will make life easier for your team and also delight your new clients.


Some Nice Reviews

Kasey Compton

Mindsight Partners

"Uriah's three pillars of a productive practice are absolute genius. If you're feeling overworked and overwhelmed in your practice, this is an incredible resource that will help you work less and enjoy your practice more!"

Mojo Guilford

Very Good Dog

"Uriah is one of the best humans I know. I get excited about everything he does, including his new book! You should consider building a more productive practice, so you can spend more time with your furry friends. Run, don't walk to that buy button."

Casey Truffo

Be A Wealthy Therapist

"Uriah has nailed the unique productivity challenges of the group practice owner. As I began this quick-read gem of a book, I caught several nuggets immediately that have changed how I approach my day. Thanks, Uriah, for helping us find more hours in our day and week!"

Katie May

Visionary Therapist

"Uriah's book is an essential resource for scaling your practice without sacrificing your personal life. His practical and actionable approach provides valuable insights on overcoming challenges, leveraging virtual assistants, and successful delegation."

About Me.

Uriah Guilford is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the owner of InTune Family Counseling. He is also the Head Nerd at Productive Therapist, a virtual assistant company that serves therapists in private practice. He's a technology nerd, a minimalist travel packer and a pretty rad drummer.

Ready to grab your copy?

The book is only $4.97 and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Basically a risk-free boost to your productivity and group practice business strategy. Let's do this!

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