Therapy Intake Pro ☎️ 💰 🙌🏻

Therapy Intake Pro is the best training & support program to help your intake coordinator level up their skills & increase their conversions.

Are you ready to level up your intake coordinator's skills?

Our unique training program will help them:

  • Know they can handle any situation with potential clients
  • Be happier & more productive
  • Increase their conversion rates
  • Help you to grow your practice

Your intake coordinator is usually a caller's first experience with your practice. 

This interaction could make the difference between a new client  and a missed opportunity. 

Take a look at the amazing benefits below:

Private Community

This is a perfect place to ask questions, find answers and share helpful tips and resources. It's also an easy way to get access to the amazing Productive Therapist team.

Training Library

This includes our core training modules, our Callers 2 Clients framework course and our mock intake call training. These trainings will help your intake staff feel confident and prepared.

Monthly Q&A Call

Our monthly Q&A call gives your intake staff a chance to ask more specific questions and get advice tailored to your practice. It is facilitated by two of our most senior team members.

Christy Livingston


Holy smokes! My new admin has had rave reviews for Therapy Intake Pro. I cannot thank you enough for this incredibly resource.

Dr. Alissa Silverman - Productive Therapist

Alissa Silverman


Therapy Intake Pro is a MUST for any group practice owner who is hiring a new intake coordinator and wants to train them efficiently and effectively!

Being an intake coordinator is a uniquely challenging job.

You never know who’s going to call your practice, what their challenge is going to be or how they’re going to treat you.

For example:

  • How do you ask for credit card information BEFORE the first appointment?
  • How do you identify and deal with a potential HIPAA violation?
  • How do you sell private pay over insurance?
  • How do you deal with someone who is very emotional?
  • How do you handle a suicidal caller?

These are all challenges intake coordinators face on a daily basis. How do they learn the best way to deal with them? Usually through trial and error - with your practice losing clients as a result.

Some intake coordinators have a background in customer service or answering phones, but that doesn’t prepare them for the emotional issues of callers or help them turn those callers into clients.

What if you could easily train your intake coordinator to be able to turn almost any caller into a client?

That's what Therapy Intake Pro is designed to do.

Therapy Intake Pro will give your intake coordinator unparalleled training in all the tricky, sticky, fiddly issues that regularly come up during an intake call.

Ready to get the best training & support available?

What's included:

  • Private Community
  • Training Library
  • Monthly Q&A Call

NO RISK cancellation policy

If, for any reason, you don't love Therapy Intake Pro, you can cancel anytime. No questions asked. I want to make this an easy decision for you.

I'm confident you will be stoked about the training & support we offer. It will make a huge difference for you & your team!

Frequently Asked questions

When are the monthly Q&A calls?

We meet on Zoom every third Thursday of the month. We answer questions live with the folks on the call and then answer questions submitted by other members. Each call is recorded and posted in the private community. 

How does the private community work?

The text in this landing page gives you a lot of help in creating good copy. And don't worry about it too much. The only way to get better at copywriting is to write more copy. So, get writing.

The private community is hosted on an amazing platform called Circle. There are different "spaces" for various conversations and topics. You can also have 1:1 and group chats. There is a great mobile app, so you can stay connected however you like. This community will likely be your favorite part of Therapy Intake Pro.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send us a message on our contact page. We would be happy to help you in any way we can!