You have questions and we have answers! 

These are the questions that most therapists we talk to usually ask. Please get in touch if you have a question that is not answered here. 

What is the average response time for inquiries?

When do your VAs work?

Do you offer live answer?

Do you offer vacation/sick coverage?

Do you work with testing practices?

How does the pricing work?

What if I go over my time package?

What if I don't use all the time in my package? 

How will my VA track their time?

When will I be invoiced? How can I pay?

How long is the contract?

Will you sign a BAA?

What if I'm unhappy with my VA?

How do you train your VAs?

Can I train my VA and have them use my call scripts?

Can my VA do initial consultations as well as scheduling?

Will my VA track incoming referrals?

What platforms do you support?

What about social media, etc?

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