The Secret Sauce for Success

So, here’s the secret sauce in one sentence: 

If you work to create a balance between productivity, organization, and delegation, you will be able to grow your group practice while working 10 hours less every week.

This is quite simple to understand, but it’s not easy to accomplish by any means. It involves taking a hard look at your habits and routines and making much needed changes. It requires you and your business to get more organized than you’ve ever been. 

It also means hiring and managing a growing team of therapists  and administrative support staff, whether in-house, virtual, or a combination of both. This can end up feeling a lot like conducting an orchestra of middle-schoolers! There are lots of moving parts and potential pitfalls.

It can be chaotic and messy.

In order to achieve consistent growth AND an ideal lifestyle, there’s a few things that need to happen:

  • You need to create a personalized productivity system
  • You need to improve your business organization
  • You need to start or increase your effective delegation

The Productive Practice book will help you in each of these areas so you can reach your specific growth and lifestyle goals.

It's a common myth that in order to be more successful and grow a business, you have to work more. That may be true at the very beginning, but your real leverage comes from delegating more and more.

It may seem counterintuitive, but you actually have to work less in order to help more people and make more money.

Think about that for a minute.

It's not about constant hustle and 40+ hour work weeks. It's about building a team with solid systems that allows you to make more impact while creating the time freedom you desire. 

If you're anything like me, you love your work, you're passionate about it, but you also have other interests.

I’m talking about hobbies, traveling, family time, being available for your kids, and so many other fun things that make life interesting. You don't really want to sacrifice your personal enjoyment and fulfillment for business success. It’s not worth it. 

For me, delegation has been the biggest creator of leverage in my group practice. 

Of course, this has been significantly more effective with solid productivity habits and pretty good organization. I’ve found that the more I've delegated, the more I've been able to accomplish my goals with InTune Family Counseling and also with Productive Therapist.

Honestly, my success has surprised me over the years, but that’s how it’s unfolded, and it's been wonderful. 

I need to mention this: throughout The Productive Practice book, I will be as honest with you as possible.

I have faced many, many challenges. Some of them quite agonizing. I won’t hide that from you and just spotlight my success or the success of the practice owners we’ve worked with. That’s my promise to you.

Lastly, I want to tell you that you deserve to be able to change the world AND love your life. You can have your cake and eat it too!

I know that might sound too good to be true. Of course, there are going to be times when things are out of balance, but it really is possible to have a business that allows you to create the lifestyle that you want. That's the dream isn’t it? 

Ok, pep talk complete! Here are the things that need to happen for you and your practice to thrive….

The first pillar is Personalized Productivity.

This is so important and it must be unique to you.

Whatever productivity strategies you use, they need to be designed to work with your unique personality, the way you operate, and the way your brain works. If you don't get your productivity habits dialed in, you will struggle for months and years to come. 

It doesn't matter how many coaches you talk to, how many mastermind groups you join, how many online courses you buy or how many webinars you attend. If you don't learn to manage your time, manage your email, manage your energy, and more, you will struggle to make significant progress in growing your group practice.

The Productive Practice book is unique in the sense that it uses productivity as a foundational building block for business success.

The second pillar is “Pretty Good” Organization.

I use the phrase “pretty good” because to be successful and create the practice of your dreams, it doesn't need to be perfect. 

Your systems, your procedures, your documentation, even the organization of your physical office space just needs to be good enough.

You need to have things in good-enough order so that the people who work for you know what to do and how to do it. They need reliable information and clear guidance to do their jobs. They need to know where to find policies and procedures, who to go to with problems, and how to get the support they need. 

I’m an organization freak, so I can go overboard in this area, but you don’t need to be like me to be successful.

All of this adds up to “pretty good” organization that allows you to delegate successfully to your amazing team.

The third pillar is Plenty Of Delegation.

The truth is you don't need to delegate so much in your practice that you no longer have a role to play.

Some practice owners are aiming for that, but for most of us, not having meaningful work wouldn’t be good at all! The goal is to build a strong team that can take care of the important parts of running the group practice without too much of your involvement.

This will allow you to focus on the things that only you can do. 

You will be able to spend your energy on the tasks and projects that line up with your unique gifts and talents. This might include seeing clients, mentoring therapists, focusing on the interior design of your spaces, growing your social media following, or any number of genuinely exciting things.

Whatever those things are, you’ll be freed up to work on the strategy part of growing the practice so you can make a bigger impact. 

Not to mention the best part - you won’t have to do the things that you absolutely despise.

For me, that would be answering the phones, managing QuickBooks, and anything to do with insurance billing. You can also opt-out of doing the things that you’re not very good at - and even the things you are good at, but shouldn’t be focusing on.

It doesn’t matter how much you like talking to potential clients (fill in the blank with the thing you need to stop doing!), you shouldn’t be spending your time on that! 

These are the goals that come along with plenty of delegation.

On the other hand, if you don’t follow the 3 Pillars of a Productive Practice, you might end up with some or all of the following:

  • Making less money than you did in solo practice 
  • Worrying way more than you ever did in solo practice
  • Working more hours than you ever did in solo practice
  • Questioning your decision to ever start a group practice

That doesn’t have to be you! There’s definitely a better way.

Productive Points:

  • The secret sauce is all about finding a balance between productivity, organization, and delegation.
  • You deserve to be able to change the world AND love your life.
  • The Productive Practice System will help you create a personalized productivity system, improve your business organization and improve your delegation skills.

Want more?

Grab your copy of The Productive Practice book today!

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