I just wanted to let you know that my VA is an absolute ROCK STAR so far! She has been proactive, asks great questions, catches on really quickly to the system, and very communicative in helpful ways. I am super excited about her and just want to let you know how grateful I am for your making this possible. There are so many other tasks I haven't had time to attend to in the last two months and now I am starting to think I can do so!

My visions became reality!

Working with TPT for the last year was really amazing! I had a great VA who supported all of my ideas and was able to take my visions and make them become reality. I felt really supported during this past year. It was also helpful to have someone who was willing to try different tools and strategies to get to the ultimate goal. My practice increased in terms of being able to support more clients as well. The support that the VAs offer was the best part about having this service in place. I really got along well with my VA and if I come back, I would ask for her again. I would highly recommend Productive Therapist to others.

Djuan Short, LCSW
Owner of Dahlia Rose Welless

More time to spend with clients!

I love the experience I have had with Productive Therapist. It took me a little while to make the decision to get on board with a virtual assistant and I can not be happier. The training that Uriah and his team has put into the virtual assistants is fantastic. The Productive Therapist is always checking in with me to assess my level of satisfaction. I know right where I am with my use of hours. I love the communication I have with them and can reach someone very quickly if I need to. As a practice owner it is hard to decide where to outsource and put your money. This investment is well worth it and my assistant is the best. She has come to know my practice and can talk about to potential clients that call in. I can't even remember the last time I picked up the phone. She schedules my clients, turns potential clients into customers, helps with social media and so much more. Having her on board has given me more time to spend with clients. You can't go wrong with working with a VA from Productive Therapist.

I would be lost without my VA!

I have had an an amazing experience with Productive Therapist. Uriah is super helpful and the training he puts his VA's through has made onboarding much smoother. I would be lost without my VA (Tiffany), she is my right hand and I know my business will run smoothly having her as part of my team! Being able to automate my processes and take many things off my plate is invaluable. I recommend The Productive Therapist frequently!

Alyssa Mairanz, LMHC
Owner of Empower Your Mind Therapy

Professional & Responsive

I am so thankful for the team at Productive Therapist. They were supportive and eager to understand my needs from the very first phone call. I was very impressed with my VA's professionalism and responsiveness. It was incredibly helpful to have an instant team member and I felt like she "got us" from the first day. It was helpful to delegate tasks that I would have labored over and would have taken away from more important things on my to-do list. It feels so good to hand over tasks to someone I can trust and someone who is dedicated to my practice. It is also so impressive how quickly our VA felt like part of the team without having to do extensive training or on-boarding.

The Productive Therapist allows you to breathe again!

Seamless from start to finish! From finding information about what tasks a VA can do, to the best packages available to meet the needs of my practice, to friendly voices on the other end of the phone line to go through the options with care. This is very needed in our field, especially for solo practitioners who are likely overwhelmed when they are calling. The Productive Therapist allows you to breathe again! Tracel has been instrumental to me taking my private practice to the next level. With her expertise and commitment to my projects, she has gotten me totally organized and ready to grow my practice (my taxes will be so much easier this year due to this organizational system put in place now!) Tracel knows everything about Simple Practice and has taught me how to use it. She has also made templates from my existing documents. She is able to sense when I am getting overwhelmed with the task at hand and offers welcomed, on point, recommendations. She is able to think clearly and logically when I get blocked. She also is able to research and always is successful when there is something I have a vision for but don’t know exactly what I am looking for and/or where to find it. Her communication is clear with her goal in mind to be the VA that helps the person do more of what they love! I appreciate you Tracel and the Productive Therapist for finding a way to free up my time.

Alissa Silverman, PsyD
Owner of Silver Linings Psych

All I felt was just...relief

I couldn't believe how fast my VA, Tiffany, got up to speed. And after the first week or so, all I felt was just... relief. I would watch the inquiry emails come in and I didn't have to do anything about them. It was not my problem anymore. It was fantastic! There is a lot of freedom in having a particular problem just completely handled by someone else.

Gretta Duleba, LMFTA
Owner of Viridian Counseling

Helping me stay organized!

My VA has been great. They are on top of their tasks, help me stay organized, and communicate in a timely and effective manner. They are able to make adjustments when needed and acknowledge and fix infrequent mistakes when they happen. They are solution focused and help me trouble shoot areas of improvement for their role and our practice structures. My VA helps me to save time, decrease stress, create and maintain business systems, provide better service to our clients and free me up to work on the business.

Amanda Mitchell, LCPC
Owner of InTouch & Motion

TPT is fabulous!

The Productive Therapist is a tremendous resource for therapy business owners. They offer a variety of packages to truly cater to the unique needs of my business and the stage I'm in. The outcome that I received from my VA is outstanding and more than I ever imagined. When I had questions, Uriah hopped on the phone to help answer them. I now have an amazing brand board and more ideas than I know what to do with. Truly, the biggest benefit is having someone who is skilled in the exact thing I need help with. In my situation it was working on branding and my VA was able to see things with a lens of expertise that was much better than my abilities. TPT is fabulous and I would highly recommend working with them!

Best decision I made!

Investing in TPT has been the best decision I've made since expanding my practice. Having a reliable VA that I can trust answer my phones has greatly increased my business and allowed me to focus more on seeing clients and other admin work. I never realized how much time I spent returning phone calls that I missed while in session. I also have another VA who helps me with 'everything else' from returning emails, helping with payroll, setting up systems and other odds and ends. Both VAs have been super responsive and reliable. It's also great knowing that a THERAPIST trains and vets each VA. I can honestly say I haven't returned a client phone call in probably 8 months. Also, having a VA who was familiar with a group practice set-up really helped me develop some great systems for payroll tracking and other important aspects of my practice. I would 100% recommend TPT without hesitation!

Danielle Kepler, LCPC
Owner of DK Therapy

My VA has been fantastic!

Abigail has been fantastic! She is always on top of things and even suggests improvements to our systems.
She is a huge help and allows me to feel more calm, work on the business and no longer have to answer the phones!

Justin McManus, LCSW
Owner of Cornerstone Counseling

My VA goes above & beyond!

Having a Productive Therapist VA has definitely been the right decision! I no longer feel scattered while fielding client inquiries and managing scheduling. My VA is diligent, consistent, takes initiative, and goes above and beyond. We have a good communication system and she knows when to reach out to me when something is time sensitive. She is warm and personable, and I feel confident having her on the front lines with setting up new clients and representing my practice.

Absolutely recommend!

Our systems were validated and our knowing of what we need was reinforced. Gaining a better understanding of the caliber of assistant we can expect, and, increasing our perception of multi-tasking was helpful. I absolutely recommend Productive Therapist.

The smartest investment I've made!

Having a VA has made my life a lot easier. I’ve been able to spend real quality time with my daughter and make plans for my family. My VA has handled our transitions and growth with incredible poise, self assuredness and curiosity. My business is truly thriving and TPT is a huge reason why. In fact, I’m now looking at bringing on more therapists and the future is looking so bright. The Productive Therapist VA has been the smartest investment I’ve made!

You really care about my practice!

I love the space it's given me to focus on other things. I also really love not fielding client calls. Don't miss that AT ALL! I'm pretty sure I have the most amazing VA that ever existed. She's intuitive, has an amazing work ethic, open to ideas, responsive and proactive. She's also just an overall good person and I love interacting with her. I could not be happier with Courtney! I feel like you really care about me and my practice. The money I spend on these services are WELL worth it. Good job!

Kelly Bourque, LMFT
Owner of Red Therapy Group

More free time to focus on the parts of the business I love

Using a VA to manage the day-to-day tasks of my business has been a total game-changer. More free time to focus on high-level things and the parts of the business I love. I highly recommend Uriah Guilford and his Team at The Productive Therapist for all of your virtual assistant needs.

Quentin Hafner, LMFT
Owner of Quentin Hafner, LMFT

I started sleeping better at night!

I am so grateful and thrilled to be working with Luci. To give you a quick version of my story, I started a podcast 1 year ago focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. One of my colleagues uses the Productive Therapist and that is how I was connected with Luci. She is professional, patient and so knowledgeable about this industry. Also, she is always available, returns my emails quickly and we have been able to get so much work done since I signed up. After my first meeting with her I started sleeping better at night just knowing someone could handle my podcast for me and I could trust her. We just posted my first podcast together and on my Facebook page I have had more engagements than ever before. I feel hopeful and excited to continue working with Luci and having her help in growing my podcast. Having someone I can trust and rely on has been the best part and most helpful, also having someone who understands my industry is invaluable. I will be sharing my experience with my colleagues from now on!

Julie Osborn, LCSW, PsyD
Owner of My Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Got my life back!

The Productive Therapist helped me create a tracking system and client on-boarding process that was invaluable. I was matched with a VA that was aligned with my brand and she worked really well with my team. Having a VA gave me my life back! I realized I was spending 13-15 hours a week on the phones in addition to my caseload. Having that time back was a gift so that I could focus on my passions and profitability in my business. I wholeheartedly recommend The Productive Therapist!

Katie K. May, LPC
Owner of Creative Healing

Super responsive & supportive

My experience with TPT was awesome. They were able to do exactly what I needed, which was fairly complicated. The service was customized to suit my business needs and it totally took things off my plate. It was so great feeling taken care of and not needing to micromanage. They were super responsive, professional and I highly recommend them.

Maureen Werrbach, LCPC
Owner of The Group Practice Exchange

It will save you money!

I have been with The Productive Therapist for about 1.5 years. My experience has been wonderful! Everything from the setup, to interviewing for the right-fit VA, to my actual VA has been smooth and easy. What was helpful? EVERYTHING!!!! I was doing so much before I got a virtual assistant. I run a group practice and I was answering the phones, running reports, trouble-shooting problems, handling graphic design, and all of my auditing! I was so wiped out. Having a VA was, literally, a lifesaver! I would definitely recommend TPT. I would also add that my biggest hangup in the beginning was what it would cost me. I can promise you that it will save you money. Your productive hours and mental energy can go into adding clinical hours or growing your practice. All of which yields more money in your pocket. Don't wait!

Lindsay Keisman, LCPC
Owner of Pivotal Counseling Center

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