The Best Marketing Strategy

What’s the best marketing strategy for 2024?

Here’s the short version.

The best marketing strategy is the one that you will do consistently that brings you a good return on investment.

Everything works if you work it.

Read to the bottom for my marketing focus and a wildly underrated strategy.

I built my solo practice on blogging, email marketing and networking.

I built my group practice by adding in Google AdWords, SEO and social media marketing.

I’m currently figuring out where to focus my time and money by choosing the most effective strategies.

Honestly, I’m going to lean into community networking.

Google AdWords has been less effective.

I don’t want to create TikTok content.

Community networking is wildly underutilized by therapists.

Making meaningful connections with other professionals who can refer ideal clients is always a good use of time and energy.

It worked 20, 50 and 100 years ago.

It will work in 20, 50 or 100 years from now.

In summary.

  • Don’t do all the things.
  • Pick a few & do them well.
  • Do them super consistently.
  • Measure the results and adjust.

What is your marketing focus for 2024?

Text a therapist friend and tell them your answer. Then ask them the same question.

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