My Only Goal

Here is my only goal. 

I want to have a profitable business that helps people while having fun.

1. Profitable business

The goal of owning and operating a business is making a profit. Most business books will tell you this. I most recently heard this point emphasized strongly in Kasey Compton’s book, Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers. 

If your business isn’t profitable the following things will happen:

  • You won’t make enough money to meet your needs
  • You won’t be able to pay your expenses or your team
  • You won’t be in business very long

Mike Michalowicz said it the best in his book Profit First. Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king.

Money is not my main motivation, but it is the main goal of my business.

However, money without purpose wouldn’t satisfy me for very long and I’m guessing you feel the same. 

2. Helping people

As therapists our primary purpose is helping people. This is what drives us and fulfills us. 

Our big ideas and dreams are almost always connected to creating something that helps people. 

Productive Therapist exists to help prevent burnout for mental health professionals. To help you get more done, so you can have more fun. 

Guilford Family Counseling exists to take the trouble out of the teen years and help families find their rhythm. 

I love making money AND helping people. It just makes me happy. 

3. Having fun

Work is hard. 

There are always problems to solve. Tasks I don’t want to do. Days I want to give up.

Nevertheless, this stuff is fun for me. 

I want to . . .

  • Chase what excites me
  • Experience inspiration and exercise my creativity
  • Turn ideas into reality and enjoy the process

This is the gas in my engine. 

This is my only goal.

I want to have a profitable business that helps people while having fun.

How about you?

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