My Boring Business


My goal is to build a boring business.

Too many people are consumed by their business.

They are always on. Always working.

Not only their time, but also their thoughts are consumed by their business.

  • Endless worry
  • Bottomless task lists
  • Ever expanding projects

Not me. Not anymore.

I want to build a boring business.

Streamlined systems. Effective team members. Reliable revenue.

I spent too many years in a somewhat toxic relationship with my business.

Now I want my business to be so boring, that I’m forced to make my life more interesting.

More time playing music. My youngest started playing bass recently and we are learning songs together.

More time learning about obscure things on the internet, like this video about the extreme restoration of an abandoned workshop cabinet.

More time cooking, making art and traveling.

Or doing nothing. That also sounds nice. 😁

  • Less stress
  • Less obsessing
  • Less overworking

More peaceful profits.

That is what I want from my boring business.

How about you?

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