10 Questions with Tracel Callahan

Uriah: Hi this is Uriah with Productive Therapist and this is “10 Questions with our Account Manager, the amazing Tracel Callahan”. Enjoy.

The first question is:

#1 What is your name and job title or license type?

My name is Tracel Callahan, and at The Productive Therapist, I’m the Premiere Knowledge Navigator and Client Happiness Advocate. Those are just fun, fancy words for, I help train the new virtual assistants when we bring them on board, and then, I also check-in regularly with our clients to make sure things are going well.

#2 What do you love about your job or your business?

I think one of the biggest advantages is being able to work from home. So that’s a huge advantage, kind of being in charge of your own schedule. But I do like the job that I do, specifically because I know that what we do at The Productive Therapist is really help people time back. All the clients that we work with are looking to kind of find a work-life balance. So to be able to help somebody to do that and know that you’re giving them some time back, so they can pursue other ventures or just spend more time with their family, it’s great knowing that we were able to assist them in doing that.

#3 What are 1-2 things that you always do in the first 60-90 minutes of your day?

I always try to start off with some water, I know that sounds silly, but that really is the first thing that I do, is start with a glass or two of water. I will always do a little bit of reading, I spend some time meditating and thinking about things that I‘m grateful for, this really gets my mindset for the day, thinking about positive things. And then I always take a look at my calendar to see what are the things I’m supposed to do today so that I can stay on track.

#4 What is your go-to drink or snack for productive energy.

I really like it and I found this new kind of snack that I like, it’s a soft natural chew. It’s a super-food and it’s called “Power Up”, and it’s really great for a natural energy boost and doesn’t give you that crash sometimes that sugar does.

#5 What does a very productive day look for you?

I‘m old school, I have a planner I write everything in it that I’m supposed to do for the day. I do use an electronic calendar, kind of in combination with that, but I have this planner next to me all the time when I’m working. I have a list of things that I need to do for the day and it’s productive when I get to mark those things off, and hopefully, not have to move too many of them over to the next day.

#6 What is your favorite way to rest and recover?

I love to read, so if I’m going to do it in a way restful or use it for recovery, it’s going to have to be a novel, something just a little silly, not very important. Something to just get lost in it. Also, I’m really into painting, re-doing furniture right now, so that’s kind of a focus. Also, I love to sew, I’ve been sewing clothes since I was 10 and it’s something I really enjoy doing.

#7 Are you a Mac or PC person and why?

I’m a PC person, I have resisted Mac and Apple products or such a long time, just because… I feel like I’m too old to take time to learn a new operating system so I just don’t want to do it. And I just feel like people think that if you’re Mac or Apple that’s the “be all end all”, and I just kind of resist that. So it would probably make my life easier, but I just refuse to do it. So I’m going to continue to be a PC person, I know that’s not a very good answer, but it’s the truth.

#8 What is one of the best business books you have read?

I have read several, but I think the one I always come back to is “Start With Why”, by Simon Sinek, and I just love it because whether you are a business owner, your a leader, a manager, you’re a subordinate, any part of a company that you hold, whatever your part of or your role in it is, if you can understand the “why” of the business and why you are doing what you’re doing, it really helps you to be more productive and to be a better asset to what that business is. And it just kind of helped me in my life, in general, being interested in other people and what their “why” is for the things that they do. I think it helps you understand them better, so. I think you can really use it in any facet of your life.

#9 What is the name of your role-model, mentor, or hero?

I have a friend named Abigail, who I just really love the experience she shared with me about her life, the times when she was single, and the things that she dealt with and then married and the challenges she had there. The different times where she had stresses in her life and how she managed and handled those, and how she gracefully handled success. I just have really learned a lot from her and try to implement those things that she did that were successful in my life as well.

#10. If you were a hot sauce what would your spice level be? (1-10, with 10 being the hottest)

Well, if we’re talking about actual hot sauce or spice, I think I’m probably about a “5”, which believe it or not has increased the last 3 years since I’ve been married. My husband likes really hot sauce, spices, ghost peppers, and all of that crazy stuff that just makes me sweat. So it has increased a little bit and I’m working on that steadily. And if we are talking about personality and temperament, people would probably say I’m closer to an 8, maybe even 9. Yeah-yeah, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, but I am a “red-head” so you know not a temper, but sass. Let’s leave it at that.

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