Email Transformation Course

Note: this course is only available through purchasing The Productive Practice book.

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with your email inbox? I know I used to (and sometimes still do).

  • Anxiety from mounting unread emails
  • Never getting close to inbox zero
  • Spending way too much time managing email
  • Not making progress on your important projects

You are definitely not alone.

Here's the good news. You can conquer email overwhelm and it can be easier than you think. I know you want to be a more #productivetherapist!

I have put together some simple tips that will make a huge difference for you. I put them in this nifty 7-Step Email Transformation Challenge.

I will help you sort out what you need to eliminate, what you can easily automate and what you should delegate! Each section has a few tips, as well as 1-2 action steps. Each one will only take you 15-20 minutes.

When you finish the challenge you will feel more in control, more productive and more calm. Sounds good, right?

Join the challenge today and take back control of your time!

Note: All the ideas & principles apply regardless of the email program you use, but all of the examples and walkthroughs will be with Gmail & Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

About the Teacher

Uriah Guilford, MFT

Uriah is a group practice owner and the creator of Productive Therapist. He is a technology nerd, a minimalist travel packer, a rock drummer and business development enthusiast.

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