Special Info for Katie’s Students

Hi there,

You and I have something pretty cool in common. We both follow and learn from the one and only Katie Keates May!

Katie and I realized something great. If we teamed up, we could help you take your success even further. And so we did.

This means you don’t have to do all the things required to get your course or group up and running!

Imagine, your course getting launched quicker and your groups filling up while you are focusing on other important, revenue-generating tasks.

Sounds good right!? Those are the results we’ll help you get.

Here are several things we can do for you, depending on your wants/needs.

For Course Creation Code Students:

  • Build landing/sales pages for webinars and/or courses
  • Load content into Teachable or other course platforms
  • Handle admins duties for growing Facebook groups
  • Set up your email list software
  • Schedule and send out your launch emails
  • Generally handle the tech side of your course creation

For Fill Your Group Fast Students:

  • Create social media images for your posts
  • Call potential clients who complete your forms
  • Schedule your group intake sessions

If this sounds awesome to you, please go ahead and fill out this quick practice info form.

Talk to you soon!


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