We can help!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your group practice?

If you are ready to grow your practice and your income without burning out, then we can help.

The Productive Therapist provides world-class virtual assistants to world-changing therapists like you!

Things are going well for you.

You are hiring more therapists, referrals are increasing and the money is coming in. Awesome.

However, sometimes it can feel like stress and overwhelm are just the cost of making it.

The truth is you want your cake and you want to eat it too!

It doesn’t need to be this hard!

You shouldn’t have to neglect your self-care and your family. You should be able to enjoy your success and build a life you love, even take vacations!

We have helped many group practice owners build their team and design systems that put their practice on auto-pilot, so they can have success and a life outside their business.

We can match you with a world-class virtual assistant who will provide the support to allow you to grow with ease.

It’s actually pretty simple. Taking the quiz below will help you determine if you are ready for a virtual assistant. Once you do that . . .

Here are the first few steps.

  1. Schedule a consultation call to talk about your needs
  2. Get matched with an awesome virtual assistant
  3. Start delegating tasks and take a deep breath

Here’s the thing.

Whether you work with us or not, you need to build your team. Your dreams and goals are just too big to tackle on your own.

If you don’t learn to delegate you will most likely burnout. Yikes!

Overwhelm will become your middle name and you won’t like the results.

You will experience sweet relief when you realize you don’t have to do this alone. A virtual assistant can handle your calls, email inquiries and other administrative tasks while you focus on the things that matter most to you.

Not to mention, the pure joy of taking off on vacation while your practice hums along.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

We want that to be your reality.

Take the next step today to create the business and the life of your dreams!

Complete the short quiz below and find out if you are ready to get a virtual assistant.

To your success,

Uriah Guilford, MFT

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