The Delegation Advantage

Note: this course is only available through purchasing the Practice Prep Program.

There are certain challenges that come with growth and success. 

Stress, overwhelm and even burnout can take over your day-to-day life, unless you learn to delegate and outsource. Delegation can be the key to your freedom, but it is tough and comes with a learning curve.

This course will speed up that process! I will walk you through the important things you need to learn to start delegating like a pro. 😁 I will give you guidance on figuring out what tasks you should delegate, how to find the right person for the job and recommendations for the technology to make it a smooth process.

Take a look at the course curriculum below. I hope you will invest in yourself and develop this key skill!

About the Teacher

Uriah Guilford, MFT

Uriah is a group practice owner and the creator of Productive Therapist. He is a technology nerd, a minimalist travel packer, a rock drummer and business development enthusiast.

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