Relax, we’ve got your intakes covered.

Let our team of mental health virtual
intake coordinators handle your 
phones, scheduling & more.

Save Time

Make Money

Feel Free

Life's too short to burn out early

Hey busy therapist, it's time to stop working nights and weekends. Instead, you can build your team and delegate! You should be able to change the world AND love your life. 

Save Time & Save Your Sanity
with a Virtual Assistant

Less work, more play

We will create systems that do the heavy lifting for you. Your VA will take so much off your plate!

Lots more free time

Enjoy the life you want by working smarter, not harder. Relax, play or work on a passion project.

Feel calm & balanced

Feel in control of your time, in charge of your business & in love with your life.

"Working with Productive Therapist has been essential to my growth from solo practice to group practice. I now have a team of 20 therapists! My VA's admin and intake coordination skills have freed up my time, allowing me to put energy into expanding my practice."

- alyssa mairanz, LMHC

We don't just care about productivity. 

We care about you & your practice.



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Specialist Virtual Assistants

We have THE best team of smart, fun and ultra-productive VAs who love to serve the therapist community.

Unique Training Programs

Take advantage of the best of our knowledge and guidance, shared in our industry specific training programs.

Personalized Coaching Services

Uriah is a therapist, a group practice owner & the founder of Productive Therapist. Find out more.

Here are the next steps

1. Schedule a discovery call

After you fill out our short practice info form you will be able to schedule a discovery call. We can find out about your needs & you can get your questions answered.

2. Meet your new virtual assistant

You will sign our simple contract + BAA. We will guide you through our super smooth onboarding process & you will get introduced to your virtual assistant.

3. Enjoy some free time!

I'll be honest, it always takes some time & work to delegate effectively, but you are going to love it! Once you get into a nice working rhythm with your VA you will be able to kick back and enjoy some free time. 

Here's how to grow your practice AND love your life.

With over half of all mental health professionals suffering emotional exhaustion, burnout is a very real problem!

It is affecting more and more therapists, especially in today’s climate.

We get it - we’ve been there too.

With a virtual assistant and specialized training from Productive Therapist, we know that you will keep changing the world and also create a life that you love.

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No matter how big or small your practice, there is a virtual assistant plan that is affordable for you. 

You only pay for the time you use and your virtual assistant comes pre-trained, so they’re ready to hit the ground running. No more days and weeks wasted getting an assistant up to speed!

Most of our practice-owner clients have never worked with a virtual team member before, but that’s okay - we make it easy for you and we’ll show you how to be successful. You’ll soon wonder how you ever survived without your virtual assistant!

If you’re like us and have been in business any length of time, you’ll know that not every person you hire turns out the way you hoped.

At Productive Therapist, the risk is all ours - we do the hiring and training, and our dedicated Client Happiness team is always here to support you and make sure your virtual assistant is working well for you. We want your virtual assistant to be a perfect fit for you and if for some reason they aren’t, we will replace them with one who is.

It can be hard to know when you’re ready for a virtual assistant.

The fact that you’re reading this right now is a good indicator that a virtual assistant would be a big help to you. Take our short quiz and we’ll help you figure out if you would benefit from a virtual assistant. No shenanigans, we promise!

Our sole purpose at Productive Therapist is to make your life easier.

We’ve been in your shoes and we understand the stress and exhaustion that threaten to overwhelm you. You should be able to change the world AND love your life.

Don’t be held back by stress & overworking any longer.

What Our Members Say

Dr. Laura Wallace

Twin Lakes Counseling

"Productive Therapist helped me cut my admin hours from 40-50 per week to 8-10. Not kidding, actual numbers!! They efficiently scheduled for my practice of 12-14 clinicians in that time. The hours decrease more than paid for itself."

Danielle Kepler, LCPC

DK Therapy

"Productive Therapist allowed me to expand my group practice. Having a VA who was familiar with a group practice set-up helped me to develop better systems for many important aspects of my practice."

Danielle Kepler, LCPC

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