In this section I will quickly cover WHY you need a team, WHO should be on your team and HOW to build your team.

What is a dream that you have for your life or your business?

Some of mine include being debt free in 2019, taking more epic vacations, reaching 1 million in annual revenue & flying first class.

Most of us want to make a significant impact on our community and possibly the country or the world. We also want to provide for our families, pay for college, weddings, vacation, retirement and reach other financial goals.

Everyone in this room is intelligent, ambitious and more than capable. But each one of us has limitations.

You only have so much time in a day and the simple fact is that you can do a lot more, faster with a team.

You can have more impact and you can make more money. I think most of us in this room have a good, intuitive understanding of this.

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