Another common question is where do I find a good virtual assistant?

I found my first virtual assistant through my former business coach. I worked with Gina for 5 years and it was incredible, but I realize now how lucky I was and how uncommon that can be.

It always seems to be such a challenge to find excellent local service providers, even with the power of Google search.

And of course it’s not easy to find the right VA and there are many factors to consider.

You have two basic options:

  1. Hire a solo virtual assistant who owns/runs their own business
  2. Go through a VA company who has a team of assistants, ex. Belay Solutions, Upwork, My Solution Services or The Productive Therapist

Of course it’s a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends & colleagues. Check Google find any online reviews that you can. To find an independent VA you can go through a number of organizations, such as . . . - International Virtual Assistants Association for a million options / share quick story about getting overwhelmed with applicants for VAs based in the Phillipines

There truly are a ton of options. However, one of the main reasons I started the Productive Therapist is because there still are not many good choices for virtual assistant companies that focus on our specific industry and our specialized needs.

My Master List

I put together a Master List of VA companies and individuals who focus on serving therapy practices.

You can take a look at it on my site :

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