There are a handful of qualities and qualifications that I look for in a good virtual assistant. I recently hired three new virtual assistants and these are the things I pay attention to.

Basic requirements:

  • 3+ years of prior admin experience
  • Personable and friendly
  • Communicates clearly (written/verbal)
  • Very comfortable with technology
  • A skill set match with the tasks I need help with
  • Good at managing their time and multiple tasks/projects
  • Coachable & willing to learn
  • Able to manage confidential information
  • Confident problem solver
  • Motivated self-starter
  • Willing to treat my clients as VIPs
  • Humble, hungry & smart (emotional intelligence)

There are some skills and abilities you can train and others you cannot.

I always look for people who are naturally empathetic, fun to work with and detail oriented. I can always train the right person to do specific tasks, but it is difficult and maybe impossible to change someone's personality.

In addition, I definitely give bonus points for any of the following . . .

  • Same time zone
  • Bi-lingual if necessary
  • Knowledge of psychology/counseling or prior work in the mental health or medical field
  • Specialized skills - graphic design, marketing automation, QuickBooks, etc.

Good Enough vs. Rockstar Assistants

There is a difference between a “good” assistant and a “rockstar” assistant. A good assistant will follow directions and get things done, while a rockstar assistant will anticipate your needs, come to you with new ideas and make things happen without you even having to assign them.

This kind of person and working relationship is not easy to find, but it is incredibly valuable.

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