My good friend Rosa is a therapist and an educational consultant.

She is one of only two educational consultants in our county and is quite busy, with seeing therapy clients, placing teens in programs and traveling one week out of every month.

I sat down with her almost a year ago and shared about the power of using a virtual assistant. She was excited and totally on board. She said, “I think I am going to need at least 10 hours per week!” And she became the second client of The Productive Therapist.

She got over that initial hurdle of finding and bringing on admin support.

However, I wish I could say this was a success story.

More of a work in progress. One year later, she is still a client, but she is using less than 5 hours per month!

Despite my coaching and occasional harassment, she has struggled to delegate and continues to do way too much in her business.

We are working together now to grow her business and push through those blocks because the service she provides to families in our area is just too important.

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