Finding a great virtual assistant is tough, but learning to let go of control might be even harder!

You are likely successful because you are competent in many areas of your life and business. You have learned to juggle all the tasks and you are pretty darn good at it.

But, there is only so much of your time and energy to go around.

And, you want to grow your business and make more money.

The truth is you have to let go of some things and trust someone else to handle them.

“The longer you do the inexpensive work, the longer your business will be trapped in inefficiency and as a result will stay tiny forever.” - Mike M. from Clockwork

I borrowed these five tips from a video that John Clarke made because I liked them so much.

  • Admit that you have superhero syndrome
  • Identify your worst fear and how you would manage it if it happened
  • Look at the error in your own business (mistakes are normal and to be expected)
  • Start small & delegate a couple tasks
  • Just give it some time

Maureen Werrbach : Queen of Delegation

One great example of a master delegator is my friend Maureen Werrbach, the creator of The Group Practice Exchange. She also owns and operates a very successful group practice in Chicago with 24+ clinicians and three locations.

She has refined delegation to an impressive degree. She has multiple supervisors, a clinical director and office manager, an intake coordinator, an insurance biller. Basically, all the roles I mentioned earlier she has filled and functioning at a high level.

She also outsources almost all of her marketing, including social media, paid ads and email marketing, which is handled by my company. It is amazing how much she gets done because she has an efficient and committed team, and she gets out of the way so the business can run without her. It’s quite impressive.

However, we all have to start somewhere. Here is a quick and easy way to start thinking about what to delegate.

Whenever you look at your task list, ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Is this something I can automate? If yes, then do it!
  2. Is this something I can delegate? Heck yeah, make it happen
  3. Is this something I can eliminate? Release yourself from that thing quick!

Try this. Take a quick moment to look at your to-do list and find 1-2 things you could delegate to someone else.

“Delegation is a muscle that you need to exercise like any other. You must use it to create pathways in your mind and create channels to get things done.” - Ari Meisel, author of The Art of Less Doing

I want to challenge your to start delegating soon or improve the ways in which you delegate tasks in your business. You may just become addicted to delegating and your business will never be the same.

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