I want to share with you one of my proudest professional accomplishments.

And how you can create a similar result for yourself.

This accomplishment is right up there with finishing my Master’s degree, passing my exams and finally getting my license and even reaching my very first 100k year.

This amazing feat took months and months of saving, a year of intentional planning, and quite a bit of faith and trust.

I’m talking about my recent experience of taking an extended vacation and not working at all, while my business continued to grow and operate without me.

In August of this year, just a few months ago, my family and I spent three full weeks traveling through Europe on an epic adventure.

Sweden, England & France

We started in Sweden, where we were spoiled by family, had Swedish Fika every day, which if you do it right is like a coffee break with 7 kinds of dessert and then we also toured a 300 year old preserved Viking ship.

We moved on to London where we went “punting on the Cam” with friends, drank beer in a pub from the 1500’s where they discovered DNA and had high tea, which is a family tradition at The Swan right next to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

And finally we ended in Paris, where we ate as much food and pastries as possible, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and stayed in a penthouse suite with a baby grand piano and a killer view of the entire city.

It truly was amazing! One of the only bummers was that we didn’t have time to go inside of the ABBA museum in Stockholm, but I got this photo for our Christmas card.

The end result!

I was particularly proud of the fact that we saved over ten thousand dollars for the trip and came home with zero debt. We actually stuck to our budget!

It was also quite exciting that my group practice had an amazing month. Our referrals increased by 50% and my intake coordinator signed up 24 new clients, which was more than one for each day I was gone.

The clients of The Productive Therapist were taken care of and my assistant even handled new consults for the first time. Payroll was done, the rent was paid, insurance claims filed and all client payments collected.

Personally, I didn’t take a single business phone call, I didn’t answer a single work email and best of all I really didn’t worry about my business at all.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined to disconnect from work and this was all possible because I built a fantastic team and I learned to create systems and delegate like a boss.

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