How much should you pay for a virtual assistant?

The pricing for a virtual assistant varies widely, from $4-10/hour for an overseas worker to $20-80+ for a specialized US based VA. It is always good advice to talk to a couple different VAs and/or companies before hiring.

The advice that you get what you pay for definitely applies to hiring a virtual assistant. I am usually looking for a long term relationship with a reliable person who can be more of a partner in my business.

With that said, if the tasks you need taken care of are quite general, you can get away with a lower priced general VA.

For phone support and scheduling, I feel most comfortable with a US based, well paid VA who has specific knowledge and training in mental health and HIPPA requirements.

I think it would be fair to say that finding a virtual assistant is the easy part.

Learning to adapt to working successfully with a VA is much more challenging.

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