Learning to delegate truly is a challenge.

The three keys to productivity are automate, delegate & eliminate.

Anything that you can automate will save you time and brain power. Anything you truly delegate will maximize your time and impact. Anything you can eliminate helps you to focus.

Here is a rule of thumb. If you can teach someone else to do a task, you probably shouldn't spend your time doing it.

Here the two things you need to figure out.

  1. What you should absolutely keep doing - the things you love and only you can do
  2. What you should absolutely delegate - basically everything else!

I found a useful tool created by an amazing virtual assistant company called Belay Solutions (see PDF below). They focus on virtual bookkeeping, virtual webmasters and general admin assistants.

I filled out the Delegation Matrix for my business (see below) and it was an incredibly helpful exercise.

Quick note: growing my group practice by hiring someone to manage my Google AdWords was one of the best decisions I have made.

I have noticed that sometimes we enjoy getting the quick and satisfying rush from completing small tasks. It makes us feel accomplished, but doesn't really further the mission. This is an important temptation to avoid.

The more you grow, the more you need to delegate.

If we can work through our control issues (talking to myself her) and our anxiety it can even become fun. 🙂

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