Get more done, so you can have more fun 🏝

An amazing accountability program that will help you reach your big goals faster!

Update: this program is now only available to VA members and is included in that service.

Do you have big goals & dreams . . . and yet struggle to make real progress?

You probably have no shortage of ideas about how to change the world. 

You have a ton of education, training & experience. But more importantly, you are full of passion and a desire to make a difference!

Maybe you want to start or grow a private practice. Start a group practice. Write a book or launch a podcast. Create an online course. 

Possibly you just want to stay caught up on your notes so you can relax on the weekend!

Fill in the blank with that thing you have been thinking about for SO long.

However, here's the problem.

  • You're super busy, but your todo list is still a mile long
  • Making time to focus on your big ideas just feels hard
  • You're overloaded with information (all those books and courses you bought!)
  • You're not sure where to start

You shouldn't have to feel stuck and frustrated about not reaching your goals. 😭

I have good news! You don't have to.

Focus Club will help you turn your ideas into completed projects and day dreams into reality.

It's a monthly accountability & support program that helps you get things done. Period.

I want you to get more done, so you can have more fun! 🏝

Here are just a few of the perks included with your membership (check the full list down below!)

Private Community

Share your weekly intentions + big wins. Get support, ask questions and feel connected to other smart & passionate therapists. Unlike Facebook, it's a focused space!

Work Sessions + Office Hours

Twice a month we meet on Zoom to get important work done. It's surprisingly helpful! I also offer one office hours call as well (see schedule below).

Quarterly Coaching Call

You will get one 15-minute call with Uriah each quarter to help you reach your goals. Additional coaching support is also available, either single calls or a monthly package.

Update: this program is now only available to 
VA members and is included in that service.

Chelsea Mahler


I've achieved more in the past few months, than the last two years trying to build my solo practice! My accountability partner and the supportive professional community was a game-changer for me.

Andrew Shaw


I'm very grateful for this community! Posting my weekly goals in the Focus Club private community has helped me make steady progress where I’d previously felt stuck. I'm very grateful for this community!

What happens if you don't reach your goals?

Over the years, I have lost so much time to fear and procrastination. Not believing in myself and not taking consistent action.

Maybe you can relate.

This kept resulting in crushing disappointment for me.

Things really started to turn around when I invested in business coaching and joined a mastermind group. I needed to get clarity on my goals and have some accountability to help me achieve them.

I still have plenty of challenges, but now I have the support I need to keep growing and accomplish bigger & bigger things.

I genuinely love helping other therapists win, both in work and life. That is why I created Focus Club.

So, what will happen if you don't reach your goals?

No doubt it will affect you, your family and your larger community. 

Reaching your goals:

  • A delightful self-esteem boost
  • A sense of satisfying progress
  • Respect in your community
  • More time & freedom
  • More epic vacations!

Not reaching your goals:

  • Not living up to your potential
  • Lack of motivation from not making progress
  • Feeling stuck & discouraged
  • Not creating the income you want
  • Working too much and feeling burned out

However, when you start turning your dreams into reality, some pretty amazing things will happen.

Keep reading to check out all the benefits of Focus Club.

All the benefits

Private Community

This truly is the heart and soul of this membership. It is a group of your peers that are chasing their goals and eager to support you! Each week you can check in and share your intentions plus your wins. You can share your challenges and get feedback, both from me and the group. It will become an invaluable resource. And it's not on Facebook, so distractions will be minimized! 

Quarterly 1:1 coaching call

Jump on a 15 minute call with me (Uriah) to get quick guidance on your most pressing challenge. Getting direct feedback that is tailored to your unique situation can make a huge difference. You’ll get four of these calls every year - that’s 60 minutes of personalized coaching time! ($460 value)

Work sessions + office hours

This is going to be a game changer for you. You and I both need to create time and space to get focused work done. It is an immense challenge, but we've got you covered. Twice a month we will meet on Zoom, check in about what we are working on, break into groups for focused work and then reconvene. You will be shocked how much more you get done in these work sessions.

Also, once a month I offer an office hours call. I always share a few helpful tips on a specific topic, then open it up for questions. It's a great time to get your questions answered and learn from others as well.

Accountability partner

This is optional, but highly recommended. Get matched with an accountability partner for additional support to keep you on track. Creating this kind of helpful structure has been incredibly important for me. I believe it will make a difference for you as well.

Virtual Assistant Support

Ok, this is really cool and something I have never done. When you join Focus Club, you will be able to delegate as many one-time projects as you want to our team of world-class VAs. This comes with additional fees, but at a huge discount from our normal rates. This will help you accomplish your goals much faster!

Online course library

We have several courses you can take advantage of, but only if the info lines up with your goals! If you need help with delegating or building your team, you can pop in and look at those courses. Improving your website or starting email marketing, we got you covered. I'm confident that you don't need a ton more information to reach your goals. Just take what you know, get a little guidance, time to focus and you will get there. ($595 value)

Not sure if Focus Club is right for you?

Here is some info that will help you make a decision.

You should join if

  • You have an idea you are excited about
  • You mostly know what you need to do
  • You are ready to get sh*t done
  • You benefit from group accountability

This might not be best if

  • You are not clear on your idea
  • You need more 1:1 coaching
  • The timing doesn't feel quite right
  • You know you work better alone

Here's the deal:

The world needs you to show up and make your big dreams a reality. You can make that happen with or without this membership. However, it might just provide the motivation and encouragement you need. I would be thrilled to support you if this is the right thing for you now. I'll cheer for you either way!

Are you ready to reach your goals?


  • Private Community
  • Work Sessions + Office Hours
  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Call
  • Accountability Partner

NO RISK cancellation policy

If, for any reason, you don't love Focus Club, you can cancel anytime. No questions asked. I want to make this an easy decision for you.

I'm confident you will be stoked about the support & accountability we will provide. It will make a huge difference for you!

Frequently Asked questions

What are the monthly work sessions like?

We meet on Zoom & split up into breakout rooms with two people in each one. You will share about your current tasks or projects, then mute yourself and work quietly for 40-45 minutes. After that time, you share with your partner about the progress you made. There is no coaching, just focused work. 

When are the work sessions scheduled?

The text in this landing page gives you a lot of help in creating good copy. And don't worry about it too much. The only way to get better at copywriting is to write more copy. So, get writing.

We meet at 10am PST on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Come to one or both work sessions if you like. You can also set up your own by yourself or with your accountability partner. The office hours calls are at 10am PST on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

How does the accountability partner work?

We will match you with an accountability partner that has similar goals and give you a simple structure to work with. You can meet as often as you like. If it's not a great match, that's fine. My team and I will be here to help!

How does the private community work?

The whole program is hosted on an amazing community platform called Circle. There are different "spaces" for various conversations, including one where we share our weekly intentions and wins. You can also have 1:1 and group chats. There is a great mobile app, so you can stay connected however you like. This community will likely be your favorite part of Focus Club.

What is the cost of the virtual assistant support?

This is completely optional, but available as a resource to save you time. You can submit projects for our VA team to complete with a short turnaround and an affordable cost of $30/hr. Our monthly VA services cost between $43-48/hr.

What if my goals are different from others?

That's not a problem at all. Everyone has different goals, but we all want to make progress. With a mastermind group it is important for people to have goals that align for everyone to benefit, but an accountability group is different. With that said, we will make an effort to match you with an accountability partner who does have similar goals.

Update: this program is now only available to
VA members and is included in that service.

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