Jessica is a therapist who is both smart and ambitious.

She is a hard worker and has built up a group practice with 15 independent contractors. The practice is 99% insurance based. She does outsource insurance billing, but she does absolutely everything else in the business. Every time she takes a vacation, she literally ends up working straight through her “time off.”

She doesn’t have great systems or procedures in place. Her practice does not use an EHR or a virtual phone system. She is amazing at hiring and has built a quality team, but her profit from the business is virtually non-existent.

Jessica has two major problems. A lack of time and a lack of profit. The truth is most private practice owners have one or both of these problems.

Too much time, not enough clients & not enough profit.

Or we are way too busy, with lots of clients, but not enough time freedom and maybe even not enough profit, like Jessica.

I want to show you how to have both profit and time to enjoy your life.

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